File Browser in Maya Python


Spent a couple of hours experimenting. So far I’ve got these features to work:

– set workspace/project directly through text field, or using the prompted file dialog
– under user defined workspace/project, list Maya files(.ma and .mb) and directories in Directory frame
– be able to walk up and down the directory structure
– select to open file,┬áin preview mode, select will only show thumbnail
– thumbnail is looked up when user loads the file, if the file is modified, use playblast to take a snapshot when user loads the file


– thumbnails now are put under the same folder with Maya files with unique suffix
– thumbnail generation happens when user loads the file

Solutions & Plans:

– put thumbnails to a separate folder structure, away from assets
– if possible find a way to override Maya’s save function, so we can generate thumbnail on saving
– or, batch generate thumbnails for files that have been modified beforehand
– add list texture/texture path fix?
– add scene info?
– add…?

Had some issues with Maya documentation in the process, some seem to be outdated…hmm…:S

Anyway, work still in progress.


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